Welcome to the ecosystem combining art, music, and storytelling. Gone are the day’s blockchain technology was only used to showcase JPEGS. Nine Tails NFT is building the next leap of advancement by onboarding newcomers to the NFT landscape. Ultimately bring more liquidity into the web3 ecosystem by injecting money from web2 and creating sustainable long-term utilities independent of the crypto market. Let’s dive deeper into the three elements:


Step into the enormous universe of infant nine-tailed foxes from the realm of blockchain. More than a JPEG, you get full IP rights to launch your web3 career, get access to the biggest art gallery, and have a chance to participate in IRL philanthropic events. Owning our NFT also makes you a living walking, breathing music label.


If listening to music is FREE, why can’t launching your music be FREE? Our goal at Nine Tails NFT is to empower creators worldwide by helping them launch their music and have complete control over their content, ownership, and royalties so we can all speak the universal language of music that touches our souls.


Dwelling from Japanese & Chinese mythology – The Nine Tails Foxes are creatures of mystery, supernatural powers, and captives of the killing stone. Legend has it that nine-tailed fox spirits are trapped in the killing stone. What happens now that the stone has been broken? Real-life events inspire nine Tails NFT’s unique storytelling approach.

How is Nine Tails Bridging the Gaps with Real Utility?

NineTails NFT is set out on a mission to improve the current ecosystem by providing two utilities. Spreading the vision of Web3 being an all-rising boat and not an exclusive club. 

When the crypto market crashes or goes into a long bear market run, most projects’ utilities suffer. Therefore, we provide long-term sustainable utilities outside the NFT ecosystem that contribute to growth within it.

These utilities do not depend on our NFT ecosystem, but rather focus on generating revenue through web2.0 platforms and onboarding many people simultaneously. 

Let’s dive deeper into the two utilities:

1. Going Multichain: Bringing the Best of Sol, Eth & Aptos

Features of Multichain NFT

2. Launch your music Label over 200+ platforms: Podcasts, Spaces & Songs!

Fine art is worth about $50 billion, but the music industry is valued at $57 billion. There has been a clear trend of music videos dominating the most viewed videos on YouTube since 2010. During the NFT bull market of 2021, art NFTs was the only subject that popped out from every corner. The non-fungible tokens for music remained relatively unnoticed.

It’s for this reason that we did them justice here. Offer new monetization avenues for up-and-coming artists.

NineTails NFT brings a long–term utility with the opportunity to launch your own music label for FREE! Independent of the crypto market, your smart investment will be in for a long haul.

NFT music could change the game for creators, not just for music artists. Imagine converting Twitter spaces into your podcast, streaming on 200+ platforms gives you the largest playground.

An artist using an NFT label record can explore different ways to interact with their loyal listeners and even provide a way to get involved right from the start. We envision generating a better revenue stream for the artists. 

This is all possible by just being a holder of NineTails NFT.

Features of Music Label

What happens if the wallet is hacked?

We’ll make those particular NFTs obsolete by freezing the assets and de-listing them right away. Thus, ensuring the security and protection of your music label.

What if I’m not a musician?

You can act as a music label and launch all your family and friends on major platforms.

Here’s the Bigger Picture

To revive the ecosystem, Web3 needs more liquidity to be injected from web2 and the support of long-term utilities that benefit the holders despite crypto market crashes. 

NineTails NFT invites all creators to join hands on our mission and be a part of onboarding millions to Web3. 

Our artists are already generating revenue from their labels and taking steps toward a sustainable and secure future. Watch as our Art, Story & music unite to bring a much-needed cultural revolution.

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